What Is Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the only one which gets most of the controversies. Let us know better about them through this article.

What Is Wisdom Teeth?

What Is Wisdom Teeth

The wisdom teeth are also called as the “third molars”. A human being has three permanent molars. The first molars will start to grow during the age of six, the second molars grow during the age of twelve and third molars occurs between the ages seventeen and twenty one. Adulthood is the right time when a person becomes wise, wisdom teeth begins to grow. They can be really useful while chewing as well as biting the food in a proper way. Unfortunately, these third molars grow at various angles and this is the reason people remove it.

The wisdom teeth will never erupt above the gum surface. In some people, it doesn’t cause any problems but in some people it can cause serious problems to the teeth and gums. It is really complex to understand the eruption of a wisdom tooth and sometimes it is even hard to find it with x-rays. Basically, you can see four wisdom teeth in people but there can be times even when there can be more than 4. But there are even cases when certain people don’t even get wisdom teeth which are the strangest part. If you really want to take out the wisdom teeth, then it is better to have them removed at a young age rather than your adult age because gums are really soft at this age and it is very easy for a dentist to remove it. It is not necessary that you have to remove your wisdom tooth because sometimes it doesn’t cause any pain when it comes. Though you can experience a lot of pain when it emerges but there are times when people don’t even feel any pain. When this arise, a person experiences bad breath, head ache, jaw aches etc.

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