What Is A Dry Socket?

Pulling a tooth out isn’t really an amazing experience. You can literally feel a discomfort after pulling out a tooth. You might leave it for the time being but what if pain gets more intense and will not go away easily? This can later lead to dry socket and which is also popularly called as alveolar osteitis. Very less people get the problem of dry socket and it can be seen only after a tooth is extracted. Dry sockets can really be very uneasy but luckily it can be easily treated.

What Is A Dry Socket

Socket is basically a hole present inside the bone when a tooth is removed. As a tooth is removed, blood clot is formed inside the socket in order to protect the nerves and bone beneath. There are times when the blood clot gets dissolved within a few days after tooth extraction. This will leave the nerve as well as bone exposed to food, fluid, air or any kind of thing which enters the human mouth. This in turn leads to severe infection and causes a lot of pain which can be for a week. Dry sockets can be seen among the people:

  • Who often smoke or addicted to smoking
  • Who have pulled out their wisdom teeth
  • Who use lot of pills
  • Who have very poor oral health

Apart from all the above points, there are few other things which can also increase the possibilities of dry socket. Rinsing your mouth often or drinking with the help of a straw or spitting many times once the tooth is extracted can lead to dry socket. Hence you will have to be careful if you have your teeth pulled out. You will have to follow everything properly as prescribed by your dentist. If you don’t be cautious, then you will develop dry socket easily.

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